Welcome to the Tiddy and Shiner show!

What do two best friends do when their funny outgrows the crowd around them? Of course…they start a podcast!

Tiddy (short for Tidwell), hails from the Atlanta, GA area and enjoys living here in Tulsa, OK. He is highly connected in the Tulsa music scene and is a frequent attendee at most concerts in the area. His favorite genre of music is metal, has played music since high school, and also has an occasional craving for jazz, big band, and blues. His comedy comes generally at the expense of others. If he thinks you are stupid, he will make fun of that. If you don’t see him at a concert, you will find him at a local street race or drag strip.

Shiner (no it has NOTHING to do with Shiner Bock) was born and raised in Tulsa, OK. He can frequently be found enjoying the outdoors fishing, bowhunting, spending time around a lake or creek bank, camping, etc. Aside from his outdoor endeavors, Shiner is an accomplished artist, has recently developed an obsession for iPhoneography, and likes to push his creativity to new levels as much aspossible, Food is also a hobby that followers of his Instagram account are well aware of from his frequent posting of his own style of Kulinary Khaos, where he usually pairs unique creations with Pabst Blue Ribbon and/or a Fireball cocktail. 

420 Eats Blog

Shiner visits each establishment to have them make their signature dishes just for you.  You know, the ones you crave for after getting a buzz on your favorite strain. Beware, watching these episodes may lead to hunger, weight gain, good times, and gluttony.

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LIVE 4TGG, For the Greater Good. A simple theory that is doing something that is for the betterment of those around you when presented with the opportunity to do so. Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru, pay for a cop’s meal when you see them eating in a restaurant, buy a meal for a homeless person, help the elderly person in the parking lot load their groceries into their car.

You get the idea? Doing a solid for someone when they haven’t asked you to. Simple, right? So, we wanna know, what have you done For the Greater Good?